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Do you like to play blackjack? How about video poker, roulette or the slots? Do you enjoy playing the game, but feel reluctant to put real money on the line? Then why not try some high quality casino games free of charge?

Many online casino games have a strong fan base, people who like to play the games themselves, and are not necessarily playing them for money. For them playing a real money game is maybe more exciting because of the extra thrill of putting money on the line for real, but it's not a necessity. I myself enjoy a good game of blackjack or a nice session of video poker at Euro Palace Casino from time to time. Sometimes I play for money, other times not - sometimes I don't even log in, but just play for the sake of playing. The Euro Palace casino is one of my favorite places to play because it's very easy to use. Its games are listed right on its first page, so I can quickly search and play in "demo mode" whenever I feel like it. But the "demo mode" is indeed just for quick play - the Euro Palace website will repeatedly remind me that I should log on, and my gaming session expires after a time. But then I log on and continue playing for fun - or for money, depending on what I feel like on that specific day.

"If you love to play the games for the sake of playing, why not go with a social casino" you might ask. Well, the reasons are multiple. Let me list them for you below.

1. Game variety

Euro Palace is a casino powered by Microgaming, one of the oldest developers in the industry. In this case "old" means "with many games": it has hundreds of games I can try. No social casino has the same game variety.

2. Free play

This might sound as a contradiction, but it's true: the only place I can play casino games completely free is a real money casino. Social casinos will charge me for extra credits once my free ones run out. At the same time real money casinos launched in "for fun" mode (Practice Mode at the Euro Palace) will never do that. Sometimes they will remind me that it's even more fun to play for real money (not to mention the money I can win) but they won't bother me with in-app purchases. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. 

3. My personal information is safe

Real money casinos like the Euro Palace are among the most heavily regulated and verified companies of the world. Their reputation - their whole business - depends on them handling your personal details in the safest, most secure way possible. I'm sure Euro Palace will never give out my details to third parties - but I'm not so sure about Zynga and its likes to keep them as safe.


Poker products online are very vital to every poker game. It is practically impossible to play poker without the basics. So, what supplies are required for successful running of poker game? Well, there are some basic supplies which are vital to every poker game. The poker supplies that you need are based on various factors such as personal preferences, budget, the amount of players, and whether it is tournament or cash game.

For cash poker game in which 4 to 10 players are involved, you should ensure that you acquire poker cards of high quality. A deck which is made of any material except cardboard is likely to last long. Plastic cards are of high quality and you can get them at affordable prices. You may also consider purchasing custom poker cards. The price of the poker cards varies depending on the number of decks that you want and the extent of customization.

Among the important poker products also include chips. The bottom line when it comes to the choice of poker chips is your preferences. The other factor is your budget. You also have to decide on the amount of poker chips that you require. There are various stets of poker chips ranging from 300 to 1000. To get value for money, you should think in terms of durability.

To embrace the fun and excitement that comes with playing poker games, at for example you may also consider custom poker chips. You can do the customization after purchasing the poker chips, or you can order customized ones from a supplier of online products who does customization. You should test the poker chips to ensure that you choose those which have the sound, feel, stack and look that you like. Other poker products that you need to acquire include card shuffler, poker card protectors and poker table.


Online video poker is not poker, it is not a hybrid of the game whose roots are said to go back to the 1800’s played in the saloons of New Orleans and on Mississippi riverboats. If you can read French, you will find a great article about video poker history just by clicking here.

You are not playing face-to-face against rivals of a dubious background and thankfully, as was the way in that era, people are no longer carrying revolvers and a bellyful of whiskey!

In fact video poker is just one of a fleet of online casino games whereby you, the punter, are playing against a complex machine which can and will allow you to win sizeable sums money but overall its objective is to retain a small percentage profit margin. Do you want to know about big jackpot won by some players ? Visit

Indeed, video poker machines, and online casinos where you play for real money, actually want you to win money. The irony is, just as in a traditional poker game against other people face-to-face, they want you to win someone else’s money. Meanwhile they are simply happy taking a small commission, a retention, for facilitating the game.

“Someone else’ money?” Difficult when you are not playing against other people I hear you cry but the fact is… the money you hope to win from a video poker machine has been put into it by other players beforehand.

And returning to that commission: Gamble on horses or greyhounds on-course and this retention can be massive, up to 30 percent at some stadium’s and racetracks. Video poker ‘retains’ considerably less, a small single digit percentage.

So how do you win playing online casino games for real money? Is it all luck? Or can skill play its rightful part? Well, when it comes to online video poker many of the principles you employ when playing online slots come into play.

Top of the list is chasing online jackpots. Guts casino jackpots for example, give you the opportunity to pick-up ‘dead money’, that’s money sat in a jackpot pool which has been accumulated by other people’s play.

Occasionally those online jackpots can build to a point that the pay-out on them happening is greater than the probability of them doing so. If a $1 game of five-card-draw poker is offering a jackpot pool/prize of $5,000+ for any player being dealt four-of-a-kind you should play this game. The reason being is the probability of it happening is 4,164/1.

Yes, luck is required to actually be dealt that hand but you are making your own luck by playing a game offering outstanding value in the first place

All the games at clearly show the jackpot pools and the pay-outs of all games in all winning scenarios. Study these carefully and similarly do some homework on the laws of probability because sometimes you may have to discard a made straight in order to chase the one card that gives you a straight-flush. The odds of one specific card being dealt to you may be 47/1 but if the straight-flush will pay you more than 47 times the pay-out of the straight you are holding, it is a something of a ‘good bet’.

The luck is always related to the right cards arriving but the skill is to know when they are likely to land. It is also about making the right decisions whereby the machine is asked some searing questions as to if it has enough money in its vault to pay you out a big win whilst remaining ahead of the game itself.

Once landing a big pay-out some say it is vital that you leave the video poker game you are playing and find a fresh one as a recently emptied machine invariably needs refilling. That statement makes a lot of sense.

This ‘table hopping’ is not a skill but a discipline and that is one of the glories of playing online video poker, as such a practice would be scorned upon in a live game environment amongst other players.

Have the very best of luck at the virtual tables and remember to keep checking for non-expired bonus codes for guts casino to give yourself an added edge.


There are a huge selections of casinos one can play online these days. Some are more informational, other actually let's you play live in their sites. It's important to choose a good casino for your online playing games, as some are more trustworthy than others. Today, it's easy to find great rankings of sites that are offering casino games and choose the best one for you with ease.

So what are the factors to determine which the best site is? Well, to be the best, you will need to be able to present good clean design, with great offerings of game, and with the utmost security features in place to protect its players. Beyond that, what make casino a great one is its casino bonuses offering. Of course, it's not the main factors, but the ability for a site to offer great bonuses for its players goes a long way in today's gambling world, and any site that offers bookies betting knows that.

In the rankings of betting sites, you will always check the bonuses at sites like for instance as this is one of the most attracting features a casino can offer. It also shows the players that the operators are willing to go the distance to secure an enhanced experience, and that is exactly how to do it.

But the best thing a player can do is simply try it out. Once you went over some of the reviews, read the rankings, you will go to a specific site. You like the design, it looks secure, and yes, even the bonuses are attractive. Still not sure? It can sometimes be intimidating, but starting slow is the key. If you are indeed like playing for real money, that's cool. Many people do. But always start slow. Deposit a small amount of money and start playing. You will soon find out if you can sustain a long term relationship with your casino, and stop from time to time to have some fun, an(d possible, even money), or not.

If not, move onto the next one, deposit small and see how that feels. In general, savvy players tend to play at numerous online sites. They do that so they can check out where is the best place for them. Many have several favorite sites and they play in multiple sites, for both the experience, sharpen their playing skills.

A great place to play casino in the world of the internet today can be sometimes difficult to find. It's important to do your 'homework' and make sure your are in the best place for your gambling needs. But whatever you do, always look at the bonus as a tipping point. Large bonus will give you a better start in the game, and the better you play, the longer you play, further sharpen your skills. It's easy to place a deposit in any site; it's a bit harder to actually win. In any game. That's why beginners should go slow, with low amounts and work their way from there. A good amount of bonus money is always a great help. 


Casino games were enjoyed even in the early days but then during that time it was considered as the game of rich people because it involved money. These games can be also called gambling or a game of chance where you can win or lose but even then casino’s witness huge number of players everyday and make a lot of money. Have you ever thought why? Here are a few reasons.

1. Casino games are packed with excitement on every step, so if people wants to play in this website, for example, they will take a chance and enjoy the fun and qwill come in everyday anbd play. If the player is lucky then it takes hardly 30 minutes to win a jackpot. The flash light, lively atmosphere, ringing buzzers etc also attract many to come in and try their hands to check if their luck strikes.

2. Visiting Las Vegas is a wish that most of the people have. The vibrant beauty of nature and the lively atmosphere really makes the place worth a visit. There are many casinos here where you can have ultimate fun; it’s an experience of a life time. Online casinos provide same kind of experience and fun to the players and this is the reason that the sector is in growth, generating high revenue.

3. If you want to enjoy the game of gambling in live casinos then you have to travel and reach out to the venue. But, online casinos provide the same fun from the luxury of your home. You can select the game you want, fix gaming time as convenient to you and even have control on your bankroll. Another benefit which attracts people to online casino is saving of money which is spent towards drinks and food in live casinos.

4. Concentration is important in some casino games where you need to carefully see the opponents step and plan your strategy accordingly. If you are new and go to a live casino then you will be confused looking at the hustle and bustle. This will reduce your level of concentration whereas there is no such problem in online casino.

5. In live casinos you will not find anyone who will help you understand the game whereas almost all the live casino has beginners guide to help them start with. Some of them even offer trail games to beginners.


The answer to this question is NO. Poker players, even the best of the lot, will make mistakes. If it were possible for a player to avoid making mistakes, then it would be required of this person to win every single time he reports to a poker table. Is that possible? Absolutely not. The simple reason is that this is a game of chances and you never know the cards you will be dealt. The best you can do is to be as strategic as possible and play your best based on the cards in your possession. It is not only bad players who make mistakes regularly; even the best would make mistakes from time to time.

You can only avoid the amount of mistakes you make. You can work on reducing them to an extent where other players make more mistakes than you. If you want a strategy to win, then this is it. Make sure that you commit as few errors as you can, while hoping that the other players won’t be able to avoid the same. If this happens on a regular basis, it will be of great benefit to you and will greatly help your cause. An opponent, who keeps on making mistakes on a regular basis, is a sure source of money for other poker players, as long as he doesn’t realize this and stops making them.

Some of the mistakes which are associated with poor poker players include developing the habit of calling too much even before the flop, or drawing when they haven’t got the odds they require to make such a decision. The other mistake you will observe in bad poker players is their tendency to bluff too often than is really necessary. If you can avoid these mistakes, and know when to fold or bet, you will be on your way out of the group of bad poker players you have been a member of.

First mistake to avoid is choosing the wright site for you. You can see a nice example at site online, which provides great info as to how and where you can play online safely.


The world of gambling has been improving more and more as the use of the internet and technologies have increased. Earlier the game was played simply at the casino, later as the internet came into existence and the online Poker became popular even more. However the only drawback that you have while playing such games online is you don’t get the entire feeling of playing the game with your mates. Hence to overcome this issue, now poker game has entered the new revolution in which use of the webcam is made. Now you can easily see who the other opener is and who is playing the game with you.

There are many advantages and drawbacks associated with such type of game. The best part is you can see whether the opponent is cheating, who the opponent is and whether he is operating the multi account system. Thus, you can enjoy playing this game simply sitting at home relaxing on your bed and thus enjoy your time. Besides, enjoying the facial expression makes the game more fun and interesting. It is one of the great opportunities that you may get to win the huge amount. The webcam poker game makes the game more interesting and thus you can enjoy the game with your friends. It makes you feel as if you are playing with real people and thus you get the ambience of playing it in a live casino. However, beware, you need to make sure that there are some of the drawback of online poker as well for which you need to be highly alert. Here are some of the reasons that you must think of. Though the game seems to be pretty much easy, you will not have that much security. You have to show your face as well.

It is one of the new styles of game that has recently come up. Make sure you take the decision wisely on whether or not you want to continue playing this game or not. At the end, huge risk is involved. Enter the gambling world only when you are sure about it. For more information about this game, you can perform a thorough online research as well and get necessary information and rules and regulations on how to play this game. With the mobile casino, you’re always one second away from the games you want to play. These games can include everything from blackjack and slots to poker and roulette. And you can play them whenever you want to do so. Have a great time playing with the mobile casino.


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