PKR was an exciting 3-D virtual poker room that attracted many gaming enthusiasts, but it is no longer available. It was certainly pioneering, but one of the main problems was that the developers did not keep up with the changing times.

The Online Gaming Industry Has Changed

Make no mistake about it, the online gaming industry has changed forever. With the advent of smartphones and tablets and their incredibly increasing popularity, an estimated 6.1 billion smartphones will be in use in just a few years, with nearly 70% of the world’s population owning at least one.

PKR was unique for over a decade in that it attracted a number of players by providing a unique experience. When a person logged on, they would be met by a three-dimensional rendering of a poker table with players at their positions. It seemed to be just like watching TV, though the graphics weren’t nearly as advanced as they have become recently.

This provided a unique experience that simply stood out from all other online poker opportunities elsewhere. Most other online poker rooms were more focused on hands per hour, VIP programs, and other similar benefits, PKR was more focused on the experience itself.

It managed to survive for over a decade, but now that it is no longer a serious contender in the online gaming industry, what are players going to be left with?

The future of online poker.

Even though PKR was ahead of its time, other developers and organizations are beginning to explore the idea of the virtual poker experience. TheCasinoDB is one of the best databases where people can find just about anything they’re looking for with regard to online gambling, betting, poker rooms, slots, and more.

It’s also important to realize that PKR may have met its end not because of the lack of innovation or to the logical advancement, but because the general notion of making big money playing poker could have been different than what they had anticipated initially. In other words, what was it that attracted so many people to these virtual 3-D poker rooms in the first place?

Even though men and women will sit around poker table, facing one another, it’s not really a very interactive game. There aren’t a lot of conversations going on, aside from the general gibberish that could be meant as small talk or seeking to find ‘tell' or call out a bluff. The entire online gaming industry has also shifted.

Millions of people are now downloading apps to their smartphones and tablets to sign on and play a wide range of authentic casino games, including poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and slots, just to name a few. However, at the same time, the novelty of becoming a millionaire playing poker is no longer a serious notion.

In other words, people have begun to realize that only a rare few who are going to make any serious money in poker tournaments or playing poker, either in person or online.

As such, online gaming is looking to develop simpler ways for people to engage while also providing them some great options, drop in and drop out options, a simple user interface, and other benefits that can bring the real poker experience home to them, right on their phone or tablet, wherever they happen to be.