Have you ever been a little puzzled by the terms used in slot machines? The game’s easy enough to grasp but not being totally aware what the different parts are called might give you a bit of difficulty down the line. Working with Paddy Power Casino, we’ve put together this animation that gives you a detailed breakdown of the terms used in slot machine games so you know all the basics going in. The most common one you’ll hear tossed about is the reel which might not be immediately apparent; the reel is the name for the spinning drums that show the symbols and let you know if you’ve won a pay-out. When you start the game and set the reel going this is called (unsurprisingly) the spin. In order to do this, you need to put some money in which is most commonly referred to as the bet. You might hear other names for it like the wager or the wagering requirements depending where you play, but wagering requirements is usually linked to another common phrase. The Bonus! A Bonus is a special feature unique to the game that helps you improve the pay-out you get. Keeping an eye out for what bonuses are about is a great way to improve your Slot playing experience!