Gambling is the most popular game from the past years. Among various casino games, the Slot Machines are very popular among the players. This game has gone through a great change in the moving years. The first version of the Slot Machine was introduced in the year 1891. After that many versions of Slots were introduced to advanced technologies. If we go through the pages of the history of the Slot machine we can know about the coming of the Las Vegas Slots as well as Online Slots. In 1887 Charles Fey devised a simple automatic mechanism for the Slot Machine. Beyond few years in 1891, Pittman and Sachs have introduced a new slot machine with five drums which display poker hand or symbol. The bar house that arrange this casino game provide the players with drinks rather than a handsome payroll.

Playing casino games have been the favorite time pass for many people for the past few years. It gives a great feeling to move out to a land-based casino parlour. After the introduction of the online casino in 2001 the total scenario of Slots has changed. There is a computer processor that is mostly found in the casino slot machines. The main function of the computer processor is to generate random numbers. There is a lever which the player uses to spin the wheel. The spinning of the wheel determines the result of the game. People are mostly acquainted with the Charles Fey’s version of the Slot Machine. This machine provides the players with a handful of cash which they win while playing the game. The result of the game is determined by the matching of the symbols.

The popularity of this game was raised high in the 1950’s. In 1953 an Australian gambling company, Aristocrat, decoded to introduce a new brand of electronic gaming machine which are known as Pokies. The first machine which was introduced by the company was called “Clubman”. It was told that the machines were much more reliable and more secure than the machine Slots. These machines have made it more difficult to cheat while playing. The electronic slots have made the game more difficult than before.