One of the most important things to learn about online video poker is the different video poker payouts for all particular machines. Clearly understanding your options of play, all your betting options and the possible or potential winnings can greatly impact on the various decisions that you make during play. you can play at any reputable site, however the principles remains the same.

Several online video poker machines are referred to as a bank or carousel. From a first impression, these will look the same but they have variations. Many online casinos mix several of these by adding machines with partial payouts. In many of these banks, one will find that only two of the machines may be Better or Jacks 9/6 games with pays of 9 and 6 for full-house and flush respectively. The bigger number in the collection will consist of the 8/5, 7/5 and the undesired 6/5 machines.

Online video poker percentage rates
Jacks or Better provides a 99.5% payout average for the highest game in online video poker, currently. This simply means that if a Jack or Better player begins with $100, then their eventual payout amount will be $99.50.

Two of the other popular games, Double Bonus and Tens or Better poker offers their percentage returns that amount to 99.1%. Note that the only game with better returns than online video poker is Slots.

To be sure of optimal payouts, be sure to locate and bet on games with the highest payout percentages and use the best strategies. Again, evaluate the available online casino payment mechanism to get the best since some of them charge highly than others.

Payment schedules and charts
This is an important thing to consider when you are deciding on whether to play or not to play at one of the online video poker machines. Some unscrupulous online casinos tend to cheat by lowering the payouts for a particular hand, increasing their percentages of winning. Take time to understand the payout table for all the major variations that you play to avoid this.