Poker is a popular card game. Earlier the game was only enjoyed in online casinos but after the invention of internet the game now has its online existence. There are many sites where you can play the game from the luxury of home. When selecting the site you need to be careful and adequate research is important. You can check the kind of game the site offers, benefits, customer care and most importantly the kind of security it provides.

Once you have signed up with the site, downloaded and installed it you can get started with your gaming experience. If you are a beginner then you must go slowly but if you have got a hang of the game you can play on multiple tables through online sites. When playing on more than one table you need to sit in front of your computer for a longer period of time and your hands might need rest from constantly operating the mouse and keyboard. Here are some shortcuts that you can use when you get tired after two to three hours of play.

1. You can download and install a keystroke. This AutoHotKey helps in controlling the mouse movement and you can customize it as per your need.

2. There are different kinds of key maps available online. You can search and choose as per your need. Just save the key map on your computer and start using it when of tired using keyboard. The key map files have plain text which you can view in your editor. The keys in the software can be customized as per need. The different kinds of key maps available are right hand, two hand, and numeric keypad.

Once you have downloaded and installed the AutoHotkey try using it. You can first play on single table and then when you get a hang of it try using it on multiple tables. First try and use on single table so that you can make all necessary changes as per your comfort. If you start with multiple tables then there is a chance that you will lose concentration from the game which can lead you to loss and eventually bring in frustration.