To become a truly great poker player – the kind that wins tournaments and can actually make a living by playing the game – it’s not enough to know the rules and regulations. Legendary poker champs win by developing a sixth sense of sorts and they tend to have the ability to read their fellow players as part of their strategy. In addition, a great player never relies simply on the quality of his or her cards; instead, a savvy poker player will “bluff” now and then, i.e., pretend to hold great cards (backed up by generous betting), while in fact holding mediocre cards at best. To accomplish this, skilled poker players develop nerves of steel and – of course – the ultimate poker face.

While experience is the key to becoming a superior poker player, newcomers must learn the basics. Online poker guides, can help nascent poker stars learn the rules and strategy of the game; but only an innate ability to keep a straight face and hide one’s feelings can turn an average player into a poker wizard. Without this essential quality, greatness will always be a dream, forever at the mercy of a pair of Aces.