As the game of poker gains more and more popularity, and being played all over the world, and some places, Vegas, for instance, the popularity, events and almost everything related to the game of poker is breaking all the records.

In the summer of last year, there was a special kind of poker tournament. It wasn't online, but rather broadcast online, and on T.V , and featured the tournament with the largest buy in in poker History.., the buy in sum ? a cool 1 million dollars. That's right. The super high rollers event, was the largest, obviously, and combined some of the best, and well, wealthiest players around the world, as the winner, hauled in eventually more than 18 Million dollars of winning.

That is indeed a big jump from other tournaments, both off and online. The tournaments online can be big, but not that big. At least, not yet. Any casino online offers several games in several niches, and in different payouts and formats. I assume it is only a matter of time until also online, the sums will go higher and higher, until you will have super high profile games, for the big sharks.

In the meantime, it is probably better to watch than play, and if you happen to have a million dollars in your pocket, I wouldn't recommend spending it on a poker tournament, unless you have tons of money, nothing to do, and you know to play the game. If you don't, you can always start small. Play with friends or for free online. Don't spend any money at the beginning, and after learning and gaining some experience, start with low amounts, and don't make it a day job. The pros that play have gone a long road. Some lost, some won, and it is always tricky to maintain your success.

To be humble and succeed in playing poker is might not be the best combination, but playing any game online should be about the fun first. And if one day you will buy into a poker tournament with a million dollars, you will know that you made it, and can spend it, because, assuming you are not going to win, that's a lot of money to spend for just an experience..