Do you like to play blackjack? How about video poker, roulette or the slots? Do you enjoy playing the game, but feel reluctant to put real money on the line? Then why not try some high quality casino games free of charge?

Many online casino games have a strong fan base, people who like to play the games themselves, and are not necessarily playing them for money. For them playing a real money game is maybe more exciting because of the extra thrill of putting money on the line for real, but it's not a necessity. I myself enjoy a good game of blackjack or a nice session of video poker at Euro Palace Casino from time to time. Sometimes I play for money, other times not - sometimes I don't even log in, but just play for the sake of playing. The Euro Palace casino is one of my favorite places to play because it's very easy to use. Its games are listed right on its first page, so I can quickly search and play in "demo mode" whenever I feel like it. But the "demo mode" is indeed just for quick play - the Euro Palace website will repeatedly remind me that I should log on, and my gaming session expires after a time. But then I log on and continue playing for fun - or for money, depending on what I feel like on that specific day.

"If you love to play the games for the sake of playing, why not go with a social casino" you might ask. Well, the reasons are multiple. Let me list them for you below.

1. Game variety

Euro Palace is a casino powered by Microgaming, one of the oldest developers in the industry. In this case "old" means "with many games": it has hundreds of games I can try. No social casino has the same game variety.

2. Free play

This might sound as a contradiction, but it's true: the only place I can play casino games completely free is a real money casino. Social casinos will charge me for extra credits once my free ones run out. At the same time real money casinos launched in "for fun" mode (Practice Mode at the Euro Palace) will never do that. Sometimes they will remind me that it's even more fun to play for real money (not to mention the money I can win) but they won't bother me with in-app purchases. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. 

3. My personal information is safe

Real money casinos like the Euro Palace are among the most heavily regulated and verified companies of the world. Their reputation - their whole business - depends on them handling your personal details in the safest, most secure way possible. I'm sure Euro Palace will never give out my details to third parties - but I'm not so sure about Zynga and its likes to keep them as safe.