Etiquette to be Observed by Poker Players

 Poker players must always strive to adhere to a few strict etiquettes. If you play out of turn, you are likely to lose the respect of your peers. They will be convinced that you simply wish to gain an advantage over them. Even where your hand is very good, it pays to be a little patient and wait for your turn. Likewise, if your hand is not good, you should wait for your turn to get rid of it.

 Whether your cards are good or bad, you should not make it a habit to talk about them while a hand is ongoing. If anything, you will simply have to hold your horses and wait until the end of the game to talk about the various possibilities you had when playing a hand in the game. This is taken to be more of a better etiquette compared to blurting everything before other players have finished playing the hand.

 Learn to take very good care of your cards regardless of whether you are folding or not. Some players end up showing their cards when folding. You may end up flashing or flipping your cards over when folding it. This will give other players an idea on the next move to make. It will definitely interfere with the direction the play takes from this point onwards.

 Never splash your pot. This gives other players a hard time trying to tell how much you have placed as bet. Any rudeness or meanness you display at the table where poker is played could get you into bad books with other players. When you win any hand, you must show everyone at the table the cards you are holding. It is considered wrong to show only the player seated next to you.

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